8 Tips for Automating Your
Morning Routine on Your Mac

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Smart Mailboxes • Favorite Applications & Webpages • Automated Triggers

  •  With Mac automation, you can have regularly used applications and webpages opened before you arrive at your computer.
  • You can mange important emails with Smart Mailboxes, automatically keep your desktop organized and free of clutter, and manage your time with recurring to-dos.
  • This guide will get you started with the power of Mac automation, using a few applications that require absolutely no coding skills. Get started today.

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Mac Automation Tips is for helping you learn powerful automation applications and strategies for using them on your Mac. You don't need to know a lick of code, and you create actions to fit your particular workflow needs. By subscribing to my blog, you'll get weekly updates and resources. Applying automation strategies and tips will definitely help you get things done on your Mac.

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